Kitchen Refurbishment Tips

Posted in Kitchen Refurbishment London on August 15th, 2012 by admin

So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to revamp that tired kitchen and get a full kitchen refurbishment, but where do you start?

Here’s a few tips to get you going:

Decide what your budget will be

Take a look around a few kitchen showrooms to get an idea of the costs of units,  appliances, tiles etc. You will also need to take into consideration the cost of hiring a kitchen refurbishment specialist.

When would you like the work completed by?

It is important that you set a realistic deadline for completing your kitchen refurbishment project.  Obviously, being a room that is constantly in use, you don’t want the project to drag on and on. However, you should allow enough time for the job to be done properly.

Get inspired!

Magazines, the internet and T.V. can be a huge source of inspiration when it come to looking for ideas. Collect cuttings from magazines etc and create a scrapbook of ideas. This will be very helpful when it comes to communicating your ideas to any kitchen refurbishment specialist that you hire for the job.

Who is going to do the work?

Once you know what you want from your kitchen refurbishment, it’s time to start looking around for a reputable professional to turn your dreams into reality.  Grand Alliance have extensive kitchen refurbishment experience and offer a service to suit a range of budgets.

Click here for more information about Grand Alliance Kitchen Refurbishment services for the London and Bexley area

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5 Tips for saving money on your Bathroom Refurbishment

Posted in Bathroom Refurbishment London on July 30th, 2012 by admin

If you’re put off by the possible costs of getting your bathroom refurbished, then take a look at these tips on how to keep the costs down and still transform your bathroom from drab to gorgeous.

Costs will of course vary depending on what you want, bathroom size and of course your budget but as a ballpark to refurbish a bathroom in an average three bedroom semi detached house around £3,500.

Tips to keep the costs down:

  1. Avoid changing the shape of the bathroom unless you have to as this will push the cost up dramatically. This includes the layout as well as knocking down walls, both are very costly.
  2. You don’t necessarily have to replace all of your fixtures although it’s very tempting to do so. If your toilet is working perfectly well and looks ok why not consider leaving it and saving yourself some money?
  3. Natural stone looks amazing but is very expensive. You could buy cheaper reclaimed stone and also look at using porcelain tiles which can look close to the real thing.
  4. Shop around and see if you can get discounted tiles and other items. Shops often have to clear stock and of course there are the sales which are a great opportunity to save money.
  5. London bathrooms tend to be fairly small so if this is the case, work with your contractor wisely to get the most out of your space such as using pedestal sinks instead of larger cabinets to save space. You can also save money and water by having a shower installed, which can use just 20% of the amount of water compared to a bath.

Click here for more information about Grand Alliance Bathroom Refurbishment services for Bexley and the London area.

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How loft conversions can solve different problems

Posted in Loft Conversions London on August 22nd, 2011 by admin

There are various ways getting a loft conversion added to your home can solve different problems.

Consider these scenerios.

Working from Home
Like so many other hard working people John is made redundant. After the initial shock he decides that he will never again rely on employees for an income and decides to start up his own business on the Internet working from home.

The house is already overcrowded though and there is no space to work from. A separate workspace is essential when working from the house just to get away from the many distractions that may interupt you.

Getting the unused loft converted into an office is the perfect solution.

Unable to Sell
Paul and Kylie have three young children and their house is bursting at the seams and seriously lacking in space. Unfortunately the flat housing market has prevented them from selling their home to get somewhere bigger.

Converting their loft Paul and Kylie could potentially add two or three more bedrooms plus a bathroom! Imagine the collective sign of relief when that was completed.

A New Baby
A new arrival can sometimes cause space issues and adding an additional bedroom in the loft is also another winning problem solver.

These are just ideas but sometimes  ideas can be the starting point for much better and roomier life at home.

If you’d like to discuss any Loft Conversion Ideas Contact Us for a No Obligation Chat – We’d love to hear your ideas.

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Frank Lampard’s noisy house extension highlights need to keep neighbours onside

Posted in House Extensions London on June 23rd, 2011 by admin

The recent news that Frank Lampard’s massive house extension project is starting to irk his West London neighbours highlights the sensitivity of mixing local residents and construction.

Residents on his Chelsea Street were reported to be very unhappy about the noise being made to create the recently engaged England and Chelsea player’s £750,000 extension.

When planning a house extension it is always advisable to consult your neighbours and get them on your side if at all possible. It can also help smooth the process for getting any needed planning permission as neighbour disputes can put a block on applications.

Choosing a house extension can be a much more cost effective way of adding value to your property and depending on the size of the extension you are planning to build, could add 25% to the value of your property.

The current economic climate for the housing market is persuading many homeowners to build a house extension rather than moving to a bigger home altogether. This could be the time to consider it.

If you’re considering a House Extension in the London area Contact Grand Alliance for a chat or a No Obligation Quote. We’d love to hear from you :-)

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Loft Conversions as a way of expanding your Home Space

Posted in Loft Conversions London on June 15th, 2011 by admin
Loft Conversions London

Loft Conversions London

Home owners should consider loft conversions as a way of increasing the space in their homes in the current stagnant housing market. By choosing a loft conversion house owners can add a study, home office, extra bedroom, playroom or basic multi-function storage area to their home.

Many more people are now working from home and having a office or study room to work from is important if you are to shut out the distractions of everyday home life.

Adding extra loft spaces to your home should also add more value to your home if the correct research is carried.

The value will sometimes depend on other houses with loft conversions in your area. It may be a good idea to contact local estate agents to check that a loft conversion will benefit you financially if that is your main concern.

It is very important to discuss your project with a trusted architect, builder or a contractor to plan out the project in terms of whether planning permission is needed and that they are adequately licensed and insured.

You should also use it as an opportunity to start with a blank canvas in terms of design ideas.  You could, for example, have the latest electric under floor heating installed, skylight window controls and en suite bathroom designs.

Planning permission is rarely needed for loft conversions making them a top choice of homeowners when it comes to increasing space and value.

If you are considering having a loft conversion done don’t hesitate to Contact Grand Alliance for a No Obligation Chat.

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5 Gas Saving Tips

Posted in Saving Energy on October 18th, 2009 by admin

Winter is in sight and can be a worry when it comes to the heating bills. Here are 5 energy saving tips to help you save.

Get Insulated
Heat loss is a major cause of energy waste throughout the winter. Heat can often escape through poorly insulated roofs and according to British Gas you could save up to £150 per year by getting your roof or loft insulated.

Draft Proofing
Draught proofing the windows and doors of your house with a fix brush or PVC seal could save you around £30 a year.

Turn it down
It might sound obvious but you could save up to 10% on your heating bills by turning your theromostat down by just a few degrees. It is unlikely you’d notice the difference in temperature very much, especially if you wear warmer clothes as well.

Draw Your Curtains

Drawing your curtains at night, expecially during winter can also help retain heat in your home. Well fitted curtains can prevent and reduce heat loss through the glass, especially large windows.

Maintain your Heating System

An old heating system could end up wasting energy and your money. Ensure you have your heating system and boiler working correctly before the winter arrives by calling in a Gas Safety Registered engineer. You may even consider replacing a very old boiler with a more modern energy efficient one.

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Don’t Put Your Life at Risk with Illegal Gas Workers

Posted in Gas Safety on October 8th, 2009 by admin

Do you know whether the person who repaired or installed your gas appliance is properly registered as being Gas Safe?

It’s estimated that almost 74% of gas appliances inspected by the Gas Safe Register are considered to be at risk. This means the appliances installed could be putting your life and your home in immediate danger.

The predominant cause of dangerous and unsafe gas appliances has been deemed to be related to untrained gas workers completing your boiler installations or central heating repairs.

Illegal gas workers may often accept lower fees for their services so many people believe they’re saving money by hiring a cheap worker. Unfortunately the cost of a few pounds could be putting your family and your home at significant risk of gas leak, fire, explosion or even exposure to carbon monoxide gas.

Badly fitted or poorly maintained gas appliances don’t always look like there’s anything wrong on the surface. You should always keep in mind that your appliances are connected to gas lines that need to be fitted properly to reduce the risk of dangerous accidents.

It is illegal for anyone to conduct work on gas appliances anywhere in Great Britain without adequate Gas Safe Registration. If you require boiler services or if you just want to repair home heating, then always be sure the gas worker you hire is registered.

There are many boiler installation services and central heating engineers in east London that are professionally licensed and Gas Safe registered. These are able to provide boiler services that won’t be putting your life at risk and compromising your family’s safety, and the cost is not as high as many people seem to think.

Before you agree to contract boiler services from a cheaply priced friend, always remember to check that the person is Gas Safe registered. No matter whether you’re looking for central heating in North London or boiler installation in East London, or even if you just want to repair home heating, don’t compromise your family’s safety by using illegal gas workers.

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Save Up to 40% with Energy Efficient Boilers

Posted in Energy Efficent Boilers on October 6th, 2009 by admin

It is estimated that almost 50% of homes in London are paying too much for their heating costs. Running an old or inefficient boiler can mean you’re using far more energy than you should, but if you take some time to repair home heating you could potentially reduce your energy costs.

There are many central heating engineers in east London that are able to offer professional boiler services. Most of these will happily make recommendations about your best options for home heating needs and suggest ways you could increase the effectiveness of your heating at the same time as reducing your costs and energy consumption.

You may just find your current boiler is old, outdated and not running as efficiently as a newer option. Boiler installation in east London is often more reasonably priced than most people believe. If you knew your heating bills could be reduced for many years to come even while you’re generating much more efficient heat throughout your home, wouldn’t it be worth investigating?

In an effort to save money and give your budget a little relief, you may be tempted to try and install a new boiler yourself or with the help of a friend. While you might think this could save you a few pounds, is it worth risking your safety on such an important task when professional boiler installation in east London by legal gas workers could mean reducing any risk of accidents enormously.

Whether you choose to repair home heating or whether you contact central heating engineers or even boiler installation service in east London, you really could save up to 40% of your energy costs. Energy efficient boilers can make all the difference to your home this winter, so be sure to speak to a licensed gas worker to discuss the best possible options for your family’s safety

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The Importance of using Gas Safe Register Engineers

Posted in Gas Safety on October 5th, 2009 by admin

It is very important when having a new gas boiler fitted or repaired that you use gas safe registered engineers.

They bring along with them a lot of assured benefits and experience, but most importantly have passed exams to be able to do the job properly. You must only use a Gas Safe registered engineer for any type of gas work, including installation, maintenance and servicing.

These gas safe register engineers ensure to provide technical standards update as well as technical alerts services.

You can check whether a gas engineer is registered or not by entering their ID number in the ‘Check an engineer’ service. For the registered gas engineers, the following details are generally provided that is the picture of the engineer, his contact details, type of work that they are qualified to perform, etc.

In case the engineers are not registered, it is important to report them as working illegally by using another service called ‘Report an illegal engineer’ service.

Gas safe register, originally known as Corgi, is the official stamp for gas safety and generally gives the message that the gas should be kept safe. A gas safe register engineer is authorised to work with gas appliances. Not only this, he is also trained to use several safety campaigns.

An unauthorised gas engineer may do a bad job when fitting gas appliances or repairing them  which may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Not only this, it may result into gas leaks and explosions as well.

It is therefore extremely important to always ensure that the authorised and registered gas safe engineers are allowed to work on the different gas appliances and equipments.

The competence level of different gas safe registered engineers can be checked by inspecting the gas work that has been carried out by them. The inspection can be generated from a range of different data sources.

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