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December 23, 2014by Grand AllianceDesignRepairs0


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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex at Grand Alliance for several years now. We have always found Alex and his team to be hardworking, reliable and well priced. The team have decorated our Fitzrovia office several times, completed 8 bathroom refits to an incredible standard, recommended great carpet fitters to us and helped with general repairs. We would highly recommend them!
/Alexandra Raven, Fitzrovia, London/

Really professional team, delivered exactly the results they promised in the timeline they stated and on budget.
It’s hard to find good contractors / builders that deliver to exacting standards. I highly recommend without reservation, need I say more.
/Stuart Maclean, South East London/

Alex and his team come highly recommended. Installed new kitchen and bathroom with internal remodelling.
Very professional attitude and project planning, respected my home and didn’t treat it like a building site.
Above all reasonably priced for the high quality of work they do.
/Quincy Chuka, London/

We have used Grand Alliance on three different occasions. To do our loft extension, en-suite bathroom and kitchen refurbishment. We have always found their work to be of a high standard and high quality. The company is reliable and punctual. I would thoroughly recommend.
/Sally Cole, London/

Had my whole flat refurbished through this company, fantastic workmanship, quality and timing, would highly recommend!
/QPark Geo Map, London/

Very reliable company which offers a wide range of services at competitive prices, and has friendly and professional staff.
/Honie Duncan, London/

I have employed Grand Alliance company for full refurbishment and side extension of my house and quality of work was very good and financially I was very satisfied!!!
/Angelo Won, London/

Very nice people, happy to do business with them.
/Hussain Ashmere, London/

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